3-in-1 Repair Stick: The Perfect Tool for Quick and Easy Wood Repairs

3 in 1 Repair Stick

Whether you’re a Taylor Swift, Florence + The Machine or Cars fan, this 3-in-1 repair stick will make your life easier by eliminating the need to reach for spackle and paint. This marker, wax-stick and leveler is ideal for repairing scratches, nail holes and nicks in wood furniture. Shake well before uncapping and depress nib in an upright position to relieve pressure and start paint flow.

Fill Level Color ALL IN ONE!

The perfect repair tool for nicks, chips & minor imperfections in stained wood. A marker, wax stick & leveler all in one tool that is the ideal touch-up for cabinets, trim, doors, and wood floors.

QUICK FILLS are easy-to-use, color-matched fillers designed to eliminate the need for burn-in knives & sanding in a wide range of surfaces such as wood furniture tops, cabinetry, photo-processed laminates & vinyl-wrapped products. These specialized sticks are melted directly into defects and scraped away without harming the surrounding surface.

The pre-colored wax based formula instantly fills nail holes, covers scratches and dries in 10 minutes making it the perfect tool for field service technicians or anyone who needs to quickly touch up their work. Test color in an inconspicuous area and rub into defect until filled. This set includes a refillable butane fuel cell, a pointed and a flat tip marker. A Leveler Card is included to level Quick Fill or Hard Fill Sticks.

Fill Deep Scratches

Even the most careful drivers sometimes get a little more than just a few scratches on their vehicles. It is easy enough to fix those deeper scratches using a few simple tools found at any home improvement store. It is also very affordable and quick compared to a trip to an auto body shop for more extensive damage.

Using a marker, completely color in the scratch that needs repair. It is best to start with a lighter color and work in to darker shades to match the original wood tone.

Once the marker is completely filled, a scraper can be used to remove any excess filler. The excess can then be sanded down with a piece of 120-grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface.

Another option is to use a glazing putty that is commonly sold in auto supply stores for covering rock chips, scratches and dents before repainting your car. You can also purchase this product from most home improvement stores.

Level Surface

Unless your furniture was hit by an Earth shaking asteroid or slowly turned into birds over several million years it probably has some leveling issues. Luckily this 3-in-1 repair stick has got you covered. Just open up the Fil-Stik end and rub the tinted filler into the scratch at a 45 degree angle (any more and it will explode, trust me). Then use the Leveler cap to scrape off any excess filler and give your surface a nice smooth finish.

Quickly fill scratches, nicks, dents and other imperfections in low traffic areas with the Fil-Stik. Replace color in high traffic areas with the latex marker and stain wood surfaces with the wood stain Mohawk Marker. Then protect your repairs with the Aquaseal FD waterproof sealer.

Replace Color

This repair stick can be used to replace color in furniture edge nicks and scratches. Just open the tinted Fil-Stik filler end and rub into the scratch. You can also use the Leveler cap to scrape away any extra wood filler to leave you with a smooth surface to paint over.

This can be done on most any wood surface, including furniture, trim, cabinets, doors and wood floors. It is a fast and easy way to touch up your wood project without the need for spackle or wood stain.

Always shake before and after using to mix the paint. Test color in an inconspicuous area to ensure your repair matches your project. Remove the cap and depress the nib in an upright position to relieve pressure and start paint flow. Press tip onto a rag until wet to check color. You can blend different colors to create your own custom shade. The latex marker is formulated with stain and finish so your wood will be protected after the repairs are complete.

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