All-in-One Wood Repair Tool

Mohawk 3 in 1 Repair Stick

The 3 in 1 repair stick combines a marker, wax-stick and leveler into one compact wood repair tool. It’s an easy and simple way to repair scratches, nicks, dents and nail holes.

Shake vigorously before and during use. Uncap and depress nib in upright position to relieve pressure and start paint flow.

Fill Level Color ALL IN ONE!

The 3 in 1 repair stick combines a touch-up marker, wax filler and leveler in one compact tool. Use the marker to match color and touch up scratches, nicks or gouges. Apply the tinted Fil-Stik to fill dents and nail holes, then rub the excess out with the Leveler cap. The resulting finish is smooth and flawless. Available in 9 colors.

Made in USA. Mohawk Brand. Designed for wood and laminate surfaces.

Test color in an inconspicuous area before using.


Mohawk’s Marker combines a touch-up marker, wax filler stick and leveler in one compact wood repair tool. It provides a simple, quick and convenient way to repair scratches, nicks, dents and nail holes in low traffic areas of furniture, cabinets, trim and doors. It can also be used on wood floors to replace color. Simply apply the marker tip to the scratched area and touch-up. For dents or gouges, rub the tinted wax filler stick into the scratch until it is filled in and then push the leveler cap over the area to scrape off any excess. Available in a variety of colors that can be mixed to create custom hues. Latex free. Made in USA. 2 fl oz / 60 mL. Approx. 118 ft coverage.


Quickly eliminate scratches, nicks or abrasions on wood furniture, picture frames, plastics and paneling. No heat or special tools required. Simply rub the wax stick into damaged areas to fill, then scrape excess product off with a credit card leaving an even level surface. May be topcoated immediately with Tone Finish aerosols and other coatings to protect and improve durability. Fade resistant, non-bleeding permanent colors. Colors match Mohawk products. Easy to use. Cleans up with warm water.


This non-magnetic level set is ideal for hanging pictures, installing water pipes and doing other jobs that require a high degree of accuracy. It includes 3 vials that are tinted with bright yellow fluid to make it easy to see in lighted areas. The vials are epoxy-locked into a high-strength aluminum frame. The MaxEdge bridged center vial ensures accuracy on both sides of the level. It also has oversized handholds with rubber grips for a comfortable and secure hold. The removable shock-absorbing rubber caps prevent scratches on walls and floors.

This is a great choice for anyone who needs to get to work right away. This tool is designed to be a quick and easy way to do your job, while still providing the same quality that you would expect from Stabila. The package includes a convenient carrying pouch and a felt storage bag. The tool is available in a variety of sizes and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

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