Watch MLB Live Broadcasts without Cable: Streaming Options and Pricing.

MLB Live Broadcast

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Watch live MLB broadcasts on FOX, ESPN, FS1, and TBS. Add ESPN+ to Hulu for access to more regional sports networks, plus baseball exclusives like 30 for 30 and E60.

Many of the nationally televised games on ESPN, FS1, and TBS are non-exclusive and may also air in tandem with local telecasts. These games are typically blacked out in teams’ markets.

How to Watch

The 2023 MLB season kicks off Thursday, March 30, and fans are chomping at the bit to watch their favorite teams compete. Unlike the NFL, which has specific in-market games that can be streamed on its app, baseball is a regional league, and most teams’ games are broadcast on cable-only regional sports networks (RSNs).

However, there are several cost-effective ways for cord-cutters to watch MLB live streaming without a traditional cable subscription. For example, Sling TV offers a $35/month plan that includes access to FOX, TBS, ESPN, and FS1, while Hulu + Live TV offers Fox and local RSNs in most areas.

Moreover, these services also offer the MLB Network Strike Zone channel, which broadcasts highlights and in-game action from throughout the league each week. Note, though, that local blackouts still apply for these services. Enter your zip code below to see the best options available for you.

Streaming Options

With more consumers dropping pay TV bundles and opting for streaming services, there are many options available to catch baseball games this season. Most live TV streaming services offer access to nationally televised games on networks like FOX, TBS, FS1, and ESPN. Some even include your local regional sports network to work around blackout restrictions.


Streaming service Sling TV, for example, offers packages that include ESPN, TBS, and FS1. If you follow your team locally, you can add an MLB Network Sports Extra package to watch national and in-market games.

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DirecTV Stream, another popular option, also offers a range of streaming plans. Their Choice plan includes all national MLB channels, plus a selection of RSNs. FuboTV is another good streaming service for baseball fans. Its deal with Bally Sports last year gave it the second most number of RSNs, allowing it to offer games for 24 teams. Its cheapest option is $35/month, though there are some other price plans.

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You’ll need a subscription to your local MLB TV network to watch games in your area. These regional sports networks (RSNs) are available in most cable and streaming TV plans and will air any regular-season game not aired nationally. They also broadcast postseason games, including the Division Series and World Series.

The major national sports channels (ESPN, FS1, and TBS) have exclusive rights to televise a handful of MLB games each week. However, these telecasts are non-exclusive, and they can air in tandem with telecasts from local broadcasters.


Then there’s the MLB Network, which has a unique broadcasting contract with the league. The channel airs a few games each night (typically Tuesday and Friday) and provides a comprehensive look at the league’s happenings, including live look-ins and highlights from around the stadiums. It’s typically found in higher-tier TV plans. It also hosts the aptly-named MLB Network Strike Zone, which is the best way to catch up on any major league moment as it unfolds.



In addition to a live MLB stream, Sling TV also offers an extensive library of on-demand MLB content. The company’s basic subscription plan costs $35 and includes FS1, ESPN, FOX Sports 1, and regional FOX Sports networks. It also comes with an MLB Network and the option to watch out-of-market games.

The rights deal between Fox and NBC was similar to the one between CBS and NBC, which lasted from 1996-2000. Unlike the previous contract, both networks got equal airtime on Saturday night. This was intended to ensure that all teams could be showcased.

For fans outside the US, it’s worth noting that BT Sport has shown MLB games since 2013 and has a streaming service as well. However, it’s worth noting that this is only available in certain countries and requires a paid subscription. Alternatively, you can buy a simple over-the-air digital antenna for around $60. This can be used to view all MLB games and key events such as the World Series.

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